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Stacey Kirkpatrick completed a B.A. in Geography and graduated with distinction from Carleton University.  Stacey began this degree part time and continued pursuing it over 13 years, while working full time for the Federal Government and raising four children from toddlers to teenagers.  Stacey then went on to complete a Masters in Counselling Psychology (MACP) from Yorkville University while continuing to work full time.


While working for the Federal Government for 17 years, Stacey was part of the team that helped the Canadian Hydrographic Service receive ISO 9001 certification. Stacey received certification as an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.  She worked on process development with her team and conducted quality audits to ensure high quality standards, while assisting staff to improve their processes and efficiency.  Stacey facilitated sessions with employees around issues such as employee morale, communication, and process concerns.  She also managed over 2 million dollars in annual royalties for intellectual property, coordinating with new small business owners, up to CEOs of large corporations.  She helped clients navigate government process and assisted in their successful incorporation of intellectual property into profitable products. Stacey also worked with intimate groups of managers in a pilot coaching program.


Stacey became a Certified Coach Practitioner and coached various clients, including executives trying to manage challenging portfolios and large numbers of employees, while maintaining a healthy life balance to small business owners just starting out, trying to navigate through their fears of failure.  Stacey trained with Jack Canfield, completing three week long seminars in Arizona and San Diego that added to her motivational and coaching skills.


Stacey completed her practicum placement for her Masters degree in a community resource centre, specializing in Violence against Women issues, using modalities, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Focused Brief Narrative Therapy.  Stacey also trained to facilitate women's support groups at the centre, and has certified in conflict resolution, danger assessment, Indigenous Cultural Safety and suicide intervention.


Stacey has volunteered as a peer supporter for women leaving abusive relationships and provided peer support training for new volunteers. She has provided supervision for a Supervised Access Program and worked with the Discovery University program offered through The Ottawa Mission, providing non-credit university-level courses to low income participants at no cost.


Stacey realized that she wanted to provide more to others and share her enthusiasm for life.   Stacey is an optimist, who sees the best in people and helps people discover their strengths.


"After seeing colleagues in government who were burnt out and were counting the days to retirement, but no longer enjoying their work, I decided I wanted to help people experience more and enjoy more in their lives.  Through my own personal development, I knew there could be so much more than watching the clock until it was time to go home.  I wanted to bring back people's passion for work and for life.  I began coaching part time,  but then decided to do more in-depth studies into the science behind the theories and strategies so I could more effectively help my clients and therefore pursued my Masters in Counselling Psychology (MACP)."



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