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Coaching for Individuals and Business Owners

With 12 years of experience in coaching, I can help you clarify your vision for your life and your business. I help individuals with goals related to health, finances, career, spirituality, friends, family & relationships. In your business we explore direction for your business, goals for yourself and your team.  We develop strategies to help you build a stronger, more cohesive team.  Together we can create goals and accountability that help you achieve the success you seek.


I customize a coaching program to your needs which may include one on one coaching, and group coaching sessions for you and your team.


Your needs will be unique, but using psychological resources and strategies based on scientific studies, we will address those needs.  High pressure sales environments may need help with managing stress and priorities, while a health care team may require coaching around grief when patients pass away.

All businesses will face change at some point whether through difficult times or in times of growth and together we can develop a plan to help you and your employees face these challenges.


Contact me for a consultation now and get started on the path to a more fulfilled life and a more successful business.




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Stacey Kirkpatrick Psychotherapy coaching author speaker