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“For so long I felt alone and full of shame for what happened to me as a child, but finally, through my own therapeutic process, I feel free. Now, I work to help others overcome the effects of their own childhood sexual abuse so they can experience and enjoy more of their lives, without the stigma and shame of their past haunting them. I also continue to work on prevention, so that we can eradicate this terrible, debilitating trauma that so many experience.”

Stacey Kirkpatrick

Stacey Kirkpatrick, MACP, RP


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Stacey has volunteered with many organizations in the Ottawa area, including Family Services Ottawa, The Ottawa Mission, Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre and currently sits as Chair of the Board for Voice Found.

Voice Found is a national organization in Canada that supports victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. Stacey helps guide the organization to meet its mandate and provide a voice to those silenced by their abusers. The newest project is developing a course to educate the public about childhood sexual abuse and prevention. 10% of the net proceeds of Milk and Cookies will go to support the efforts of Voice Found.


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Stacey writes on various psychological topics, with a focus on childhood sexual abuse, anxiety, OCD and mindfulness. She has written blogs and articles for local newspaper, but also enjoys writing fiction. She is the author of Milk and Cookies: An Intimate Story About Rising Above the Trauma of Sexual Abuse and the co-author of the #1 Bestselling book Women Who Impact.


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Stacey is available to speak on psychological topics, specifically childhood sexual abuse, VAW (Violence Against Women) and abusive relationships. Stacey’s story provides a powerful backdrop for empowerment in the face of adversity. She inspires and the audience will come away knowing that no matter the challenge, with a little persistence, they too can live a more fulfilled and productive life.

Keynote Speeches

Persistence Can Take You a Long Way
Persistence comes from the Latin persistere meaning “to continue with strength.” Stacey discusses how she overcame several adverse situations and continued to get back up and face the next challenge, no matter how long or how many obstacles she encountered.

You Can Be Part of the Solution: How to Identify Risks for Childhood Sexual Abuse and What to Do About It
Stacey will teach you to see the behaviours that put children at risk for sexual abuse, how abusers groom children, and what you can do if you suspect something is wrong. Stacey will show you how to take action that helps prevent sexual abuse and also helps children become accustomed to appropriate boundaries, keeping them safer.

Teaching Children to Challenge Authority with Respect
Years ago, it was believed children should be seen but not heard. While this practice has generally been abandoned, many of us still discourage our children from speaking their mind if it challenges authority figures. Stacey will demonstrate how teaching children to challenge authority with respect, not only develops more critical thinkers, but it also helps to keep them safe now and in adulthood.

Transformational versus Transactional Change
What is the difference and why is it so important? Stacey will discuss how transactional change can be a first step but requires ongoing willpower and commitment that can easily falter. Transformational change occurs when a person understands the deeper motivation and desire for change and how the transforms not only their actions, but their identity.

Sensitivity for Victims in Your Workplace: Awareness of the Prevalence of Sexual and Physical Violence
Stacey will assist the audience in understanding the prevalence of sexual and physical violence, and raise awareness of the possibility that we are all likely working with several people who have experienced or are currently experiencing some form of violence against them or their family members. She will discuss the trauma associated and how to be more sensitive to the needs of these employees.

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